I'm sure you’ve already noted the conspicuous absence of the iPod from the list of perfect things on page 6 of Love Walked In, and no, it wasn’t an oversight: in my opinion, iPods don’t stack up next to the Chrysler Building or Leonardo’s sketches of hands, but still, they’re elegant, and from certain angles, the white-and-silver ones look a little like Veronica Lake’s cigarette case.

What would George and Ira have said if they knew folks would one day be toting their compositions around in little plastic boxes hooked to their running shorts?

How would Ella have felt about her voice streaming over the Internet?

Does Bob Dorough have his own website? (Yes! He does!)

Now, despite what Hayes or Jose or their ilk would say about all the sins of omission inherent in storing something as transcendent as Ella’s voice as little bits of electronic code (as opposed to, I don’t know, storing them on ancient wax cylinders), I offer these songs for your enjoyment:



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Love Walked In
Sarah Vaughn

But Not For Me

Embraceable You

How Long Has This Been Going On

Let's Do It

You're the Top
Ella Fitzgerald

Three Is A Magic Number
Bob Dorough

Time After Time
Chet Baker

The Glamorous Life
Shelia E.